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The Estate Tax Conundrum

The Boston Globe recently reported that tax cuts remnant from the Bush administration imposed no estate taxes in 2010. Continue reading

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The Trust-Trustee Relationship

It’s not uncommon for minors who own trusts to disagree with the measures co-trustees approve on their behalf. Continue reading

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Wall Street Journal Small Business Q&A

A November 15, 2010 Q&A in the The Wall Street Journal featuring senior editor Barbara Haislip, examined how to handle estate succession, how to get an estate plan reviewed, and how to find female investors. Continue reading

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Estate Planning Advice for Seniors

If you’re a senior and you have yet to write your will, you should do so as soon as possible. It is common that will contests arise when the testator was elderly and sick at the time of will execution.  … Continue reading

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The Importance of Having a Will

Having a will promotes peace of mind and satisfaction during life. It gives us the comfort of knowing that upon our death, our property will be disposed of as we see fit. Many of us make the mistake of putting … Continue reading

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Why create a trust that gives a Trustee Discretion?

The process of choosing the right kind of trust for you can be confusing.  If you want to protect the beneficiary’s interest from his own improvidence or to just give wiggle room for changing circumstances, one excellent option is the … Continue reading

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