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Back-to-School Estate Planning for College Students

At the start of the summer, we shared important information for parents and grandparents with loved ones turning 18. These estate planning tips are especially important to consider as students head to college this September. Back-to-School planning can be a whirlwind, and while this planning typically involves stocking up on bulk cases of ramen noodles…

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Important Graduation Safety Reminder for your 2014 Graduates

Do you have a child 18+ years of age? What happens if he/she is injured in a car accident? Did you know that once your child/grandchild turns 18: You no longer have access to his/her medical records You no longer can call a hospital and see if he/she is admitted after an accident You no…

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Estate Planning for Young Adults

Turning eighteen is a milestone for many reasons.  You are legally an adult, with the ability to vote, and you may be heading off to college or starting a career.  The future is upon you, the world is your oyster, and any other number of clichés.  Regardless of where you are headed, it is most likely…

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