Another Kind of Conversation

The birds and the bees is not the only time honored conversation that parents and kids should have.  A discussion with your estate planning attorney can also be essential for a family’s peace of mind.  “If you don’t have some sort of estate plan set up, the state laws will do it for you.  And that can be a mess,” said Albert E. Vacek, Jr., a board certified estate planning attorney in Houston.  A Massachusetts estate planning attorney can guide your family through critical legal documents and prepared to ensure that your property, money, and estate are passed down according your wishes.

The estate planning conversation can be a difficult subject to bring up with elderly parents, but not having it can lead to a far greater emotional and financial toll after the parent has passed on.  For elderly parents pride and the burden of complex decision-making can get in the way because in essence it means baring their very assets, health, and lives to their adult children.

Vacek says that, “the best way to bring up estate planning with your parents is to make it clear to them that it is about avoiding any unnecessary burdens on the next of kin- especially the surviving spouse who would like not to deal with paperwork while grieving.”  Michele Bussone said that, “she is glad she and her siblings talked with their father when they did, because it’s only fair to her parents.  They raised us, and the least we can do is take care of issues for them as they get older.”