Things You Need to Know about Making a Will

For most people creating a will doesn’t need to be a complicated process.  Here are a few basics steps that must be taken when you’re creating a will with your estate planning lawyer. The first thing to think about is in relation to possessions.  People typically remember to include large possessions like homes and bank accounts during estate planning, but often forget about smaller possessions like meaningful jewelry or artwork that should be named during the process.

Another thing to think about when creating a will, if you have children who are under the age of 18, is who will be their guardian.  If a will doesn’t have a named guardian and something happens, a Massachusetts court will name whoever steps forward or whatever person or organization it deems best.

The third thing to think about is naming an executor of the will.  The naming of an executor is imperative because this is the person who will close up everything after death and carry out the intentions of your will. This person should be not be an elderly sibling if avoidable.

Another thing to consider is if one of your beneficiaries has died or if you divorced or remarried, you may wish to update your existing will. It may also be important to create a living will if you wish to accept or refuse certain end of life care.

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